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Turkey has established a list of toys that are subject to importation product safety inspections under its Risk-Based Control System on Foreign Trade (TAREKS).

The list is contained in Annex 1 of Communiqué on Import Control of Toys (Products Safety and Inspections: 2020/10 of December 27, 2019 under Number 30991 (Repeat), henceforth referred to as the Communiqué. Toy products subject to these inspections include:

  • Bicycles and tricycles (those with a height of less than 435 mm)
  • Construction sets
  • Crayons
  • Die-cast miniature models
  • Dolls and doll carriages
  • Electric car racing sets
  • Electric trains, including tracks, signals and other accessories thereof
  • Magnets
  • Musical instruments
  • Paint sets
  • Puzzles
  • Roller skates
  • Scooters
  • Toy animals and non-human creatures
  • Toy guns

TAREKS is an importation control designed to provide only quality, safe goods to consumers.

The Communiqué also includes provisions relating to the:

  • Obligations that toys must comply with:
    1. Oyuncak Güvenliği Yönetmeliği (OGY) - Turkey’s equivalent to the EU’s Toy Safety Regulation
    2. Kimyasalların Kaydı, Değerlendirilmesi, İzni Ve Kısıtlanması Hakkında Yönetmelik (KKDIK) - Turkey’s equivalent to the EU’s REACH regulation on chemical restrictions
  • Documents to be uploaded to TAREKS for inspection (Annex 2)

This Communiqué was published by the Turkish Ministry of Trade and it came into effect on January 1, 2020. It repeals Communiqué on Import Control of Toys (Product Safety and Inspection: 2019/10) published under Number 30641 (Repeat) dated December 30, 2018

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