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SGS has been recognized as an American Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and now has the capacity to test and certify against UL 1741 Supplement (SA) safety standard. Certification of inverters, converters and other equipment for interconnected distributed generation in network support functions, will make possible more intelligent and safe interconnections.

UL 1741 standard was updated on September 7, 2016. This version makes the distinction between two types of equipment:

  • Utility Interactive Inverter
  • Grid Support Utility Interactive Inverter (GSUI)

The second edition, including the supplement (SA), will allow improvements to general requirements established in the standard IEEE 1547 – Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems. GSUI equipment can now remain connected, despite stability issues. This will help systems stabilize and create better overall device efficiency

In the US, some states with large numbers of solar power plants, are beginning to issue their own network interconnection requirements, also based on UL 1741 SA. Two examples of states that have done this are Hawaii, with Rule 14, and California, with Rule 21. In addition, California has also made UL 1741 SA a compulsory requirement for PV inverters.

“Receiving NRTL recognition helps SGS deliver the global certification requirements of solar energy manufacturers. Our first cases have been successful, with high levels of customer satisfaction. Our team is focused on providing the right service to help manufacturers sell their products on a global scale,” said Susanna Serra, Global Business Development Manager for Renewable Energy in SGS.

All equipment certified under this safety standard will bear the SGS North America Listed Mark.

SGS has been at the forefront of renewable energy technology for several years, conducting extensive research and development projects and sitting on all the main international standards committees. With an unparalleled reputation for honesty, commitment, competence and experience, SGS now works with all global PV inverter manufacturers, making it the leading global supplier of testing and certification services to the PV inverter market.

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