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France has published a new list of bicycle safety standards that show conformity with Decree No: 2016-3642.

Published on March 29, 2016, Decree No. 2016-3642 covers the safety requirements for bicycles offered onto the market in France. On February 16, 2019, the Official Journal of the French Republic published a notice amending the decree. This notice cancels and replaces the previous notice issued on April 14, 2018.

The updated list of standards includes those adopted by Member States of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), and Turkey. The transposed European standards are recognized as equivalent.

The amended list includes:

  • NF EN ISO 4210-1 (December 2016) - Safety requirements for bicycles - Part 1: Terms and definitions
  • NF EN ISO 4210-2 (April 2018) - Safety requirements for bicycles - Part 2: Requirements for city and hiking bicycles, young adults, mountain and race bicycles
  • NF EN ISO 4210-3 (December 2016) - Safety requirements for bicycles - Part 3: Common test methods
  • NF EN ISO 4210-4 (May 2017) - Safety requirements for bicycles - Part 4: Braking test methods
  • NF EN ISO 4210-5 (April 2018) - Safety requirements for bicycles - Part 5: Guidance test methods
  • NF EN ISO 4210-6 (April 2018) - Safety requirements for bicycles - Part 6: Frame and fork test methods
  • NF EN ISO 4210-7 (December 2016) - Safety requirements for bicycles - Part 7: Test methods for wheels and rims
  • NF EN ISO 4210-8 (April 2018) - Safety requirements for bicycles - Part 8: Test methods for pedals and pedals
  • NF EN ISO 4210-9 (December 2016) - Safety requirements for bicycles - Part 9: Test methods for saddle and seating position
  • NF EN ISO 8098 (August 2017) - Bicycles for young children - Safety requirements and test methods
  • NF EN 15194 (October 2017) - Electric Assisted Cycles - EPAC Bicycles
  • NF EN 16054 (March 2013) BMX Bicycles - Safety Requirements and Test Method
  • NF EN ISO 11243 (May 2017) - Bicycle Racks - Design, Classification and Testing

Stakeholders are reminded that, under the Highway Code, all bicycles must be delivered with a light, visual signalling devices and a warning device.

The notice allows bikes that conform to the standards in the previous list and which were offered onto the market before April 13, 2019, to continue to be sold as long as stocks remain. The exception is electric-assist cycles complying to NF EN 15194 + A1 (January 2012, which can be placed onto the market until April 13, 2020, and sold while stock lasts.

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