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The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) has published the latest version of EN 71-3 Safety of Toys - Part 3: Migration of Certain Elements.

EN 71-3 covers the migration of 19 elements:

  1. Aluminium
  2. Antimony
  3. Arsenic
  4. Barium
  5. Boron
  6. Cadmium
  7. Chromium (III)
  8. Chromium (VI)
  9. Cobalt
  10. Copper
  11. Lead
  12. Manganese
  13. Mercury
  14. Nickel
  15. Selenium
  16. Strontium
  17. Tin
  18. Organic tin
  19. Zinc

The 2019 iteration of the standard contains several technical changes to its predecessor, EN 71-3:2013+A3:2018. These include making the standard analogous to the changes brought in by Directive (EU) 2018/725, which amended Directive 2009/48/EC, the so-called European Toy Safety Directive (TSD). (EU) 2018/725 strengthening by roughly a factor of four the migration limit relating to chromium (VI) in scraped-off toy materials (category III). The new toughened limit of 0.053 mg/kg will become effective on November 18, 2019.

Category III – Scraped-off toy materials include:

  • Ceramics, glass, metals & metal alloys, textiles and wood
  • Elastomers, leatherettes, polymers and surface coating materials
  • Other materials such as bone, leather and natural sponge

Other changes to EN 71-3 include:

  • Revising sampling and sample preparation procedures, including those for dewaxing and pH control
  • Use of sieving no longer required
  • Revising calculation methods, including those for chromium (III)
  • Revising test methods for the stabilization of migration solutions, general elements and organic tin
  • Replacing test method for chromium (III) and chromium (VI) by test method for chromium (VI) which is capable of determining chromium (VI) at the limit values for all material categories

Stakeholders should also be aware that the new standard indicates Ion Chromatography (IC) with post-column derivatization and ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy (UV/VIS) as suitable for detecting chromium (VI) in category III toy materials.

The new standard is expected to be harmonized with the TSD upon official acceptance by the European Commission and its publication in the Official Journal of the EU. It will be afforded the status of a national standard by October 2019, meaning conflicting standards should be withdrawn by this date.

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