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Three European standards relating to non-domestic furniture were updated in late 2016. Specifically, they relate to office tables, ranked seating and non-domestic tables. It is expected that these standards will enforced as a national standard, either by endorsement or the publication of an identical text, by May 2017. National standards which conflict with the new European Standards are to be withdrawn by May 2017.

The three updated European standards are:

  • EN 527-2 Office Furniture – Work tables – Part 2: Safety, strength and durability requirements
  • EN 12727 Furniture – Ranked seating – Requirements for safety, strength and durability
  • EN 15372 Furniture – Strength, durability and safety – Requirements for non-domestic tables

EN 572-2:2016 will supersede EN 572-2:2003 and includes a number of modifications that will result in the withdrawal of EN 527-3. These updates comprise: the inclusion of a new test sequence and parameters consistent with EN 1730:2012, the suppression of A-deviation, and the addition of an Annex B (Informative) to provide an example of how to calculate structural stiffness.

For the other standards, EN 12727:2016 will supersede EN 12727:2000, with the main modification being the inclusion of a reference to EN 1728:2012, and EN 15372:2008 will be replaced with EN 15372:2016. The main alteration for this standard will be the insertion of a reference to EN 1730:2012. In both standards, the test method included in the body of the standard has been cancelled.

The changes to these non-domestic furniture European standards mean stakeholders should now ensure their compliance against the updated standards.

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